Getting Organized In My Pantry

Ok so I know this is not a new recipe…but I am so in love with these new roll out shelves that I had to share! It feels so good to get organized whether it’s in the kitchen, your closet, or even a junk drawer! After getting these shelves I found myself wanting to get more organized in other areas, like the blog and in my “office”. I do my computer blog work right at my kitchen table…I’ve kind of taken over and made it into my own office, but at least it’s organized now!

Alright…so here is what the pantry looked like before:

I can’t complain, I love our pantry size, it’s no walk-in, but I know some people who would LOVE to have a pantry this size! It’s deep and really did fit a lot of stuff…that’s what became the problem. It was crowded, I couldn’t reach in the back, and it quickly became disorganized just shortly after getting it organized. I would buy ingredients that I already had on hand, but just didn’t know it because I couldn’t see in the back without taking everything out.

I absolutely love these pull out shelves, I wish we had done them sooner! Here is what they look like after, and with all the goods put back.

I know exactly where everything is, and I can actually ACCESS it with ease. The drawers pull all the way out so you can access anything in the back, just as easily as in the front. We opted for the soft-close option which definitely helps for the heavier shelves with the canned and jarred goods.

Another cupboard that drove us crazy…the spice cabinet…although I’m not sure why my husband disliked it so much, he’s never in there searching for spices like I am! Everyone has a spice cabinet…and most of us can’t find the nutmeg because it’s buried in the back from last Christmas, so you buy more nutmeg and end up with three. Here’s a before of our spice cabinet:

Again, great space, but not really taking full advantage of the space…I could never reach or know what was behind the first row of spices! Country Cabinets installed this super convenient spice rack that’s built right into the door.

I am loving this layout! I keep all of my go-to spices like my BBQ Seasoning and Rub and my Cajun Spice Blend and Rub right where I can easily access them without taking out other spices! I can now reach my less used spices by keeping them on the bottom shelf. This is such an easy and convenient way to organize your spices!

We did one other small cabinet that we kind of use as the “junk drawer” cabinet for light bulbs and grilling utensils (and candles that I secretly throw in there and forget about). We love all of the pull outs and are feeling very organized!

My favorite is definitely the pantry though…

Thank you Country Cabinets for your partnership in this project! Check out more of their beautiful work on their website!

*a portion of this project was sponsored by Country Cabinets


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