About Laura

Hello, I’m Laura!

Thanks for visiting Ways to my Heart! This is the home for all of my kitchen adventures and tasty recipes! I am a lover of all things food, cooking, baking, dining out, and planning my travels around food. I started this blog around the spring of 2017, and it has been so fun connecting with new people who share the same love of food. I started to cook when I was in middle school. Remember Emeril on the Food Network? He was my first favorite celebrity chef, and I have come to love many more Food Network chefs, and am inspired daily by our local chef and restaurant community in the Twin Cities. I was born and raised in Minnesota; I learned the cooking basics from my mother (thanks Mom!), and the rest from experience and watching Food Network shows over the last 20 years. Growing up I started making dinner for my family and quickly realized being in the kitchen was not a chore or work for me, it was exciting and a way to be creative and try new things.

I am grateful to be married to one of the LEAST picky eaters out there; lucky for him he gets to taste test all of my creations, and lucky for me he takes me out to wonderful inspiring restaurants to experience delicious eats! It’s kind of where the title “Ways to my Heart” came from…you’ve likely seen or heard of the sayings:

1. Buy me food

2. Make me food

3. Be food

I thought that pretty much summed up my love and passion for all things food, so that’s where I got the name!

I enjoy nothing more than cooking, baking, and sharing a wonderful meal with those that I love. I hope you find inspiration to try new recipes or make your own twists on old favorites! Hope you stick around for some truly delicious eats! Cheers!