Cookbook Club!

Welcome to Cookbook Club! OK it’s going to be more of a monthly new recipe club…but cookbook club sounds much cooler. You may have heard of Cookbook Club before in other forms. For example, I started one with a few girlfriends, and it entails getting together, each cooking different recipes from the same cookbook, to create a full meal. That’s NOT what this Cookbook Club is. If you want more information or inspiration visit this article written by another local blogger. We’ve had a blast so far!

Like many of you, I have a ton of cookbooks that I’ve accumulated over the years. I usually make a few shortly after getting the book, and then have a hard time getting around to any others. There are so many wonderful, beautiful, and delicious recipes out there, and we’ll never get to them all. BUT, I thought by starting this Cookbook Club we could cook together without getting together, and without even buying a new cookbook!

Here are the details:

  • every month I’ll pick a new recipe from one of my many cookbooks (if popular enough, we’ll do it more often!)
  • I’ll email the recipe to anyone that has signed up
  • we all make the recipe sometime during that month
  • tag me on social media (Instagram | Facebook), share your wins, your struggles, thoughts, opinions on the recipe, and I’ll re-share everyone’s creations/responses so that everyone can see everyone else’s outcomes
  • you don’t have to meet up with anyone or buy a new cookbook!

I actually try and make a new recipe from one of my cookbooks once a week, but that doesn’t always happen. I love to try new foods and ingredients when cooking, and trying a recipe that you may not otherwise try is a great way to branch out!

I’ve got classic cookbooks like Betty Crocker…

And some newer ones highlighting some beautiful ingredients!

Will you join me? Let’s get in the kitchen together and try something NEW!

Sign up for COOKBOOK CLUB here! (if you’ve already subscribed you’re all set!)

I’m looking forward to cooking together!



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